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HPA Duffle Bag 50L (No Zip)

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DRY DUFFLE 50 HD (Heavy Duty) is probably the most advanced waterproof bag designed by hPa. Its size (50L) makes it suitable for most leisure activities requiring a waterproof bag: weekend or day boat, kayak, fishing trip...

This is also the best choice for professionals who need a small bag to take an aeroplane, helicopter, etc. Particularly suitable for offshore workers.
  • Full frame width of 5 cm straps to absorb all efforts instead of fabric. These straps sewn along the axis of tension (exclusive concept Anglestitch TM) make it virtually indestructible bag.
  • The bottom is lined with abrasion-resistant polyester fabric. 3 sliding perimeter straps provide 2 functions: keep closely closed fireplace ensures the seal and compress the contents of the bag so that it does not move when worn as a backpack.
  • DRY DUFFLE The 50 is equipped with removable straps to be worn comfortably into a backpack and a shoulder strap.
  • PVC fabric 8 / 10mm Polyester high-density, Duraflex buckles and rings.
  • Dimensions: 50 x 32 x 31 cm
  • Volume: 50 liters