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HPA ZIP68 Hydradry Duffle 50 Waterproof

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A duffel bag waterproof to immersion

The Infladry Duffle bag will definitely be your next companion in a wet environment.

Do you practice sailing, power boating or a paddle sport such as Stand Up Paddle or kayak?

Are you looking for the ideal waterproof bag for your activity? Do not look any further.

At the bottom of a semi-rigid, a dinghy or strapped on the pond of a paddle, a kayak or a jetski, it will find its place wherever you need a perfect seal. An immersion does not scare him.

The waterproof zip ensures a perfect seal to any intrusion into the bag (air, water, dust). Given the design of the zip, once inflated, air can escape gently from the bag. This also allows to create a "safety valve" in case of violent over pressure (crushing of the bag for example).

To keep the zip running smoothly, we deliver with the bag a tube of grease to ensure its maintenance. This grease facilitates the handling of the zip and improves the tightness. The application of fat is necessary for the first use, then to renew according to the uses (of once a month to once a year).

The bag comes with a shoulder strap to carry it to the shoulder. It can also be worn in a backpack using the adjustable handles as shoulder straps.

  • A large internal waterproof pocket allows you to store your papers, your phone or money for example
  • The waterproof and watertight zip protects the bag even when immersed. A grease tube is supplied with the bag for maintenance.
  • The bag is equipped with 4 solid rings on each side, allowing to secure it securely to a boat or a motorcycle.
  • A valve makes it possible to inflate the bag to make it floating. It can even constitute a reserve of buoyancy of short duration