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Prosele Nanodax Casting Shock Leader 50m

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The smoothest, softest, yet strongest leader you will ever feel.

A typical nylon line is an aggregate of nylon molecules. We joined the new material nano-ducks developed by Nano Ducks Co., Ltd. in the gap between the molecule and the molecule at the nano level (1/1000 mm). As a result, the bond between the molecule and the molecule became more robust, and it was possible to obtain the knot strength and linear strength not found in the nylon line so far.
In addition, the linear strength is about 15 to 30% stronger than ordinary nylon line. So we were able to finish it as a one rank thin nano leader at the same strength. This will give you a flying distance and make the movement of the lure more natural.

It is strong against ultraviolet rays and low in water absorption!
There is also a low degree of ultraviolet ray deterioration and low water absorbency in the properties of the nano dakish fiber. This creates durability that has never existed before.

Strong against root shift!
Originally it is a strong nano duck yarn, but wear-resistant processing has been given. You can also choose to use the same thickness as the nylon leader so far to obtain strength up a notch.

Beautiful clear emerald blue color
This color is born from the wavelength of the material as a result of mixing nano dacks with trace amounts of metal at the nano level. It is not dying, so it will not fall.

Technique to bring out 100% performance
The nano leader is somewhat lower in stretch than the usual nylon leader, and it is between Fluor and Nylon. Also, since nylon has been modified by nano-dachs technology, it has somewhat different characteristics from ordinary nylon leader. So, in order to derive 100% performance, please be aware of the following points.


100 pounds (No. 24)

  • Jigging of about 200 g, casting around 100 g
  • Buri, Kihadamagro, Bluefin Tuna, Hiramasa, Light Tackle GT Casting Kanpachi, Buri, Hiramasa, Isomaguro jigging

130 pounds (No. 32)

  • Jigging of about 240 g, casting around 140 g
  • GT, Hiramasa, Bluefin Tuna, Kihidamagro's Casting Kanpachi, Hiramasa, Isomagro etc. big jigging

170 pounds (41)

  • Jigging around 300 g, casting around 160 g
  • GT, Hiramasa, Bluefin Tuna, Kihidamagro's Casting Kanpachi, Hiramasa, Isomagro etc. big jigging

210 pounds (No. 50)

  • Jigging around 350 g, casting more than 200 g
  • GT, Hiramasa, Bluefin Tuna, Kihadamagro Casting (Ideal for Tackle Tip)
  • Jigging of a large object such as Kanpachi, Hiramasa, Isomagro

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