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Shimano Ocea Braid 300m

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As with all things Shimano their continued pursuit of excellence sees new boundaries set and exceeded and new frontiers explored. Shimano’s combination of excellence in design and engineering has given birth to a remarkable new standard in PE Braided line.

Ocea EX8 is incredibly thin and smooth for its strength allowing anglers to fish in depths, currents and conditions that previously were unobtainable while at the same time offering greater feel and sensitivity.

With less than 1% elongation under load Shimano Ocea EX8 PE line ensures that whatever happens at the lure end is translated to the anger in an instant.

Ocea EX8 offers two specific variations, being a jigger with specific jigging incremental markers to keep you in the strike zone and a popper tuned version to ensure you easily and quickly know the distance of your cast and retrieve.

As Ocea EX8 redefines diameter to strength ratios Shimano have increased spool length from 300 meters to 400 meter in all breaking strains from PE3 (60lb) and above to ensure you’ve got more line and less backing for that battle of a lifetime. If you demand the best then you Demand Shimano Ocea EX8

1 20 300
1.2 27 300
1.5 33 300
2 40 300
2.5 50 300
3 60 400
4 70 400
5 84 400
6 99 400
8 121 400