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Livre FV 50-55 Handle (Daiwa 1003-2510)

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A7075 extra super duralumin cutting process: As the material of the handle plate, a lightweight but strong material "A7075 extra super duralumin" is adopted. By 3D cutting H-section of A7075 extra super duralumin block with high precision machining, it maintains the strength of the material, and have a maximum hollow structure.

Variable Pitch System: For example with F.V 35-38, when the weight is set on the inside, the handle length is 35 mm. When set on the outside, the length is 38 mm. This enables length adjustment of 3 mm according to your preference. With one handle, various situations and target fish can be covered.

With thin-walled hollow titanium knob: The shape and size of the titanium knob are changed depending on the length of the plate to produce the optimal grip and the winding comfort. For F.V 35-38/40-43/45-50, Fino knob and for F.V 50-55, Forte knob is equipped.