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Jackall Dowzswimmer 220SF 3 Segment Glide Swimbait

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Designed by the famous Takuma Hata AKA “Dowzer” the Dowzswimmer is making its mark on the Australian swim bait scene.

The segmented body of this glide-bait provides a unique and very natural action. The action differs from other swimbaits like the Gantarel by being more subtle.  It has a very smooth S-shaped action that can be twitched or jerked to cause a wounded action without disturbance.

Castablity has been improved with this lure, the triple joint body is much more aerodynamic and weighing only 3.6oz it can be cast on most swimbait rods.

  • A body with a sense of volume. Big impact
  • Comes with a spare tail (Please ensure tails are kept in the protective cover and dry)
  • Slow floating design, but comes with the eyelet to allow you at attach a chin weight
  • Triple joint body