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YETI Limited Edition Colours

Sold in store only

The Elements Collection is inspired by nature’s own metals and elements. 

This collection is available on a selection of our dishwasher-safe drinkware including our insulated tumblers, bottles, and mugs. This new design consists of the highest level of UV resistance and layered with a fingerprint-proof coating, currently offered in a brushed Graphite or Copper finish. 

This season Yeti has released 3 new limited edition colors to help you kick off your spring with a bright pop of colour. 20oz Ramblers and 10oz Mugs now in store, available in Coral, Pacific Blue and Chartreuse.

The Chartreuse Collection is inspired by the sacred taro plant in Hawaii and is as eye-catching as the heart-shaped plant itself. Find this bright green color on the rugged, insulated drinkware and shop today as this hue won’t be around forever. 

Taro is a traditional staple food of Hawaiian cuisine with a legendary origin story. It's broad, bright green leaves are used for cooking and serving, and inspires our latest color, Chartreuse.

Our Coral Collection is here for a limited time, just like the beachside sunrises and sunsets the hue is modeled after. 
The Seychelles is a far-flung mecca patched together with endless stretches of crystal-clear water and a healthy sea life. Twice a day, the sky transforms into a bold mixture of orange, yellow, pink, and red to signal the arrival and departure of an adventure-packed day.

The Pacific Blue Collection is inspired by the heart pumping adventures that accompany the warm, salty waters of the ocean. The towering waves of the big blue never last forever and neither will this color—shop this blue pastel color on our insulated tumblers, mugs, bottles, and other drinkware today.

The rules of man don’t apply in the ocean. It’s one of the mightiest forces on earth, gifting towering waves as easily as heart pumping tumbles. From big wave surfing to foraging below sea level, the Pacific Blue Collection is inspired by the humbling adventures we seek in warm, salty blue waters.