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34 Thirty Four Plankton Aji Micro Soft Plastics 1.8" 8pk

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The secret is in the tail...

Plankton can not move quickly, they are exposed to changes in tides and wave winds, and form lumps and accumulate on tides and breakwaters. Unlike small fish, plankton can not escape from predatory fish, so it has become a staple food that can be easily preyed upon. From keeping these eating habits in mind, so-called "moving without moving" to "moving" to "static" has become essential. This is the development of plankton 1.8. 

Plankton 1.8 looks like a normal twin tail, but it is a special shape with two thin tails arranged diagonally. At first glance it looks like a rod, but in fact it's cut in half and placed diagonally, so it's very low in volume. In a word, although there is a sense of presence in appearance, in fact the volume is small and it has become a shape that sucks into the predators mouth easily. 

The small body is easy to bend by putting fine ribs deep, which also has a synergistic effect on the ease of sucking. Compatible with Diamond Head, Stream Head, The Bean, and Zero Graa Head. 

  • Length: 1.8" 
  • Quantity: 8 per pack