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34 Thirty Four The Mame Bean Aji Micro Jig Heads

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By increasing the surface area of the head by making the eye side flat and widening the surface area, the resistance when lifting is increased to amplify the presence of the lightweight jig head, the lower part of the head is keel-shaped like the bottom of the ship, the water flow is made to flow behind and it will stay horizontal.

The wire diameter of the hook should be vanadium alloy steel 100 carbon so that the wire diameter of the diamond head etc. made so far is 0.43 mm thinner than the 0.51 mm and 0.08 mm thinner yet sturdy The sensitivity has risen and sharp needle tips last longer and made the stinging better than ever.

  • Perfect for 34 Soft Plastics such as the Octopus, Tadpole, and Chimerabait.
  • 5 pieces per pack