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Berkley Nitro Bream Pro Owner Jig Heads

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Sporting the trademark Nitro shape that imparts action on the hop, and resists snagging with its standup profile, the new and improved Bream Pros have the best keeper on the market – the quad ribbed keeper holds soft plastics with unrivaled ability.

All Nitro Bream Pro jigheads use Owner light wire hooks, widely regarded as the best finesse hook on the market, these chemically sharpened, round bend, black nickel hooks are designed for light line fishing allowing maximum penetration with minimal pressure. Yet they still have enough strength to turn a rampaging fish from cover.

  • Trademark Nitro head shape imparts action on the ‘hop’
  • Quad grip grub keeper
  • Built with Owner hooks
Weight Sink Rate
Ounce/Gram Per Second
1/32oz 5"/13cm
1/24oz 7"/18cm
1/16oz 9"/23cm
1/12oz 10.5"/26cm
1/11oz 11"/28cm
1/8oz 12"/30cm
1/6oz 17"/43cm
1/4oz 21"/53cm