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Decoy Big Treble Y-S23 BL Magic Barbless

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It is a specification that eliminates barb (kaeshi) in order to increase the survival rate of fish caught in the release premise fishing targeting rare game fish such as GT (Roninji) and bluefin tuna.

Instead of just a barbless, it uses “MAGIC BARBLESS”, which has a higher penetration performance than a hook with a barb and is harder to barre than a barbless hook. A slight step is provided to reduce the slipping off when tension is lost, and achieve a barbless level of penetration. Fast and smooth hook-off when landing. Basic performance is the same as Y-S23.

  •  Magic barbless is used for regulation, which has more power than barbless and enables speedy release.
  • Adopts a unique curve point that minimizes damage to the lure and raises the holding force to reduce burr.
  • Easy to pass through heavy rings without opening more than necessary, adopting smart eye to reduce opening as much as possible causing strength deterioration.
  • Uses heavy wire to withstand monster-sized targets.
  • High corrosion-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment
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