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Deep Liner Spy V New Colour 200g-350g Jigs

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New Colours - Limited stock

Created by Hiramasa of Genkainada. The Spy-V was created to meet his dynamic fishing ambition and goals to hook a fish during the fall in excess of 10m. As he continued on with the testing, they discovered an unexpected result. In both Slow-Pitch jerking and Long-Fall jerking, the Spy-V was effective for migratory fish as well as rockfish.

Spy and Spy-V share some similarities, but each has distinct characteristics. People who have a deeper understanding for slow-pitch jerking seem to be able to differentiate the features. None the less, our concept “anyone can catch with ease” will never change even Spy-V.
  • Action: Stop & Fall, Slalom
  • Vibrates on the jerk