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Duel Hardcore 120S 120mm 26g Sinking Pencil

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The New Magnet Weight Transfer System allows anglers to cast further and more accurately than ever before.
All NMWTS lures have internal weighted balls that move to the rear of the lure when cast. Upon the retrieve, the balls lock into place on a magnet towards the front of the lure. NMWTS is a new and unprecedented system which incorporates the latest technology to give a lure stability and better life-like action.
  • Small Silhouette Color - the color enables a super long cast to far off shore in smaller silhouette with its appeal maintained
  • Body with triple mirror effect - back with mirror ball flash, sides with super mirror flash, belly with bait finish
  • Red eye effect
  • Model with Tail Bite Mark (HOOKS) - the sunlight passes trough the tail mark to give more appeal to fish
  • Length: 120mm
  • Weight: 26mm
  • Action: Sinking