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Duel Hardcore Long Bill 90SP 90mm 12g

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The HARDCORE LONGBILL 90SP is a deep diving suspending Jerkbait with the internationally patented Magnetic Weight Transfer System.

The unique lip and elongated body of the lure gives this crank style Jerkbait a one of a kind action that reduces hook fowling and hang-ups while producing a stable and tight wiggle swimming action. Crank the Hardcore Longbill to your desired depth and use the traditional twitch-twitch pause action for a superior Jerkbait when fish are suspended in the water column.

  • Durable ABS Resin Material
  • Round Bend Black Nickel Treble Hooks
  • Magnetic Weight Transfer System
  • Power Coat
  • Type: Deep Diving Suspending Jerkbait
  • Length: 90mm
  • Weight: 12g
  • Action: Tight Wiggling
  • Diving Depth: 3.5m