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GPC SerpenPop 180 Super Custom Colour Poppers

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Super Custom Colour Serpentine - Limited Edition

  • Original and exquisite GPC quality finish
  • Length: 180mm
  • Weight: 67-70g
  • Action: Diving Popper. S Motion Swim
  • Rigging: This plug swims best with 2/0 trebles or 5g singles

This plug is basically as altered version of the original Serpentine released in 2015 and produces a wide rolling S motion. It features a shallow cup, which helps the lure to submerge easily and creates more commotion and bubbles as it slides under the surface. The angler will find the SPP doesn't require a lot of force to make it move properly.

Work this lure as a diving stickbait - Not a conventional popper, making sure to leave sufficient line slack between pauses and sweeps. It can be swum short or long, as changes in conditions and fish feeding activity varies.

Important information regarding SHL Swivel Half Lock:

In order to prevent internal water damage the belly swivel is capped with water and shock resistant polymer gel type bond. Some of this bond seeps into the barrel of the swivel and as a result there is initially little to know play in its turning motion. This is a tested design feature. Once a fish strikes, the swivel will turn ensuring a good hook set.