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Halco Max 220

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Introducing Halco’s newest and BIGGEST member of the Max family, this bibless minnow is suitable for both casting and trolling applications, in a smaller bite size offering.

The lure is a massive 220mm long and weighs a substantial 180 grams and its slender profile casts like a bullet into the strongest breezes. It has been designed to run straight and true several metres below the surface in the roughest of sea conditions. The streamlined design allows for high operating speeds and maximum hook exposure, so critical in lure design.

Max’s effective operating envelope is exceptional, ranging from a fast spinning retrieve to a racy 14 knots while trolling.

Like all Halco lures, Max is constructed out of high tech polymers and has been built with strength and durability in mind. Heavy duty Halco Fish Rings and 2 extra strong Mustad hooks are standard equipment on Max and it is available in nine fish catching colours.

Product Name Max 220
Trolling Speed 2-14 Knots
Weight 180gm
Length 220mm, 8.7 Inches
Hooks # 9/0 Mustad Inline Singles
Applications Jigging, Casting, Trolling
Buoyancy Rapid Sinking