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Hots LT Metal Lightbelt Fighting Gimbal

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The body part is made of strong and light aluminum alloy and is precisely cut by a machine.

Lt. Metal Lightbelt Type-2 is downsized to the limit without losing the functionality, and the comfortability and maneuverability have been improved. It is best suited for Casting Game (e.g. GT, TUNA, Dolphinfish) and Heavy Jigging.

  • 50mm width belt is used and it fits more comfortably on your body
  • 20mm thick EVA foam is used on the back of the Aluminum plate and it reduces the pain during the fight.
  • The “deep cup” is used to hold the grip end firmly even when a rod is stood at a vertical position in GT fishing. It prevents the rod end to slip out from the cup.
  • Quick-release pin is equipped for easy operation. Pull the pin in one-action, unlike the screws. The pin is also available as a spare part.
  • The cup for type 2 is dome-shaped compared to the type 1 and 30% deeper cup further increases the stability of the grip end. Fighting with tuna and kingfish, as well as GT, becomes easier with the belt.