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HPA Duffle Bag 90L

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DRY DUFFLE 90 is the semi-waterproof carrying case with all tests with excellence. 
  • 37cm x 73cm | 90L
  • Zip opening ideal for a full diving equipment (wetsuit, BCD, PMT)
  • Fabric PVC coated 1100 decitex-assembly by high-frequency welding, allowing the bag to be submerged until closing without the water getting inside.
  • Wallpaper Doubled polyester fabric 600x600D high anti-abrasion-density straps, carrying handles and closures over-sized (waterproof)
  • Material And rot-proof fittings, resistant to salt and corrosion (nylon sliders)
  • Larges And padded adjustable straps for comfortable carrying on the back, with a chest strap
  • Door-Label on the top-Large internal mesh pocket with key
  • Singles side to secure long flippers, crossbow, fishing rod tube, etc.
  • Dimension: 37cm diameter, length 73cmVolume: 90 L
  • Materials: PVC coated fabric 1100 decitex polyester 600x600D HD
  • Guarantee 10 years against manufacturing defects.