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HPA Zip68 Infladry 25 Waterproof Bag Backpack

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Made of TPU 420D and fitted with a 100% watertight/airtight zip, the Infladry 25 bag will become the new standard waterproof bag for all water and outdoor activities.

The Infladry 25 bag belongs to the new ZIP68 range. The bag has a 100% waterproof front pocket and a removable interior compartment for a laptop.

Thanks to its 100% watertight/airtight zip, you have a real backpack completely impermeable to water, air and dust. Equipped with a pressurisation valve, the bag is inflatable, ensuring a reserve of buoyancy or protection against shocks.

Made of TPU 420D, the bag is both lightweight (less than 1 kg without the inner pouch) and resistant thanks to a reinforcement on the bottom of TPU 840D.

Also comfortable for all water activities as well as for hikes in tropical countries, the Infladry 25 is also perfect for cycle (bike / motorcycle) or even urban use (where its reduced weight will make you forget it) protecting from water and dust even your most fragile effects like a laptop.

Empty the air from the bag before closing it, and it will keep an ultra compact volume thanks to its perfect tightness.

The bag has been designed with many external loops for maximum modularity.
The lateral MOLLE webbing, allow the attachment of a multitude of compatible accessories (pockets, cases, various fixings). On the front, webbing can accommodate either MOLLE bindings or multi-purpose straps.

The bag comes with a removable inner pocket (it attaches to the inside of the bag with a Velcro strap).

This pouch is designed to accommodate a laptop or tablet (up to 24 cm wide). 2 additional pockets can hold sheets, notebooks, notebooks etc

In order to maintain a good seal, the zip requires a minimum of maintenance (lubrication). A grease tube is supplied with the bag. Place a knob of grease in the clasp in the open position, and flip the zip to spread the lubricant over the zip. This will facilitate closing and ensure a good seal.

  • Unlike a Roll Top closure, the zip allows easy access to the inside of the bag.
  • Ergonomic padded straps
  • Ergonomic and ventilated padded back
  • Thoracic strap for a perfect hold of straps
  • Abdominal strap
  • Side compression straps
Width 28 cm
Height 46 cm
Thickness 17 cm
Weight 1000 grs
Composition TPU 420D
Volume 25L
Watertight Level IPX8