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Jigging Master PR Bobbin

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A "Bobbin" is a weighted device that creates the perfect connection between your braid lines and fluorocarbon / mono fishing lines.
A fluorocarbon or mono fishing line looses strength each time a knot is tied, a bobbin enables the connection to have no knobs on the fluorocarbon / mono line.
The Jigging Master Premium Bobbin is the latest innovation featuring full CNC construction, integrated adjustable drag to allow even distribution on the knot, adjustable PE line axis to reduce friction. The sophisticated clicking drag adjusting knob allows accurate adjustment of PR knot tightness, making the process simple and easy for even beginner jigging anglers.
The Jigging Master Premium Bobbin is suitable for PE line #1~#10, with two gravity weight included (40g and 70g), for user to adjust between various thickness of PE lines.
  • Easily adjust the tightness directly while tying the knot to ensure equal tension throughout the knot.
  • Features a unique design of adjustable angle tube, which makes PE line and axis become paralleled which reduces the friction between the line and the tube.
  • Sophisticated 'clicking' tension adjuster for precise accuracy
  • Perfect for entry-level users and people new to tying the PR
  • Suitable for PE line from #1-10
  • Dual weight (40g and 70g)
  • Instructions included