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Jignesis X Fighting XFLJ-B59M Blue PE1.0-2.5

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Jignesis X-Fighting Light uses high quality graphite with specially design “Mighty Cross” weaving thru the blank. These blanks are powerful yet extremely light weight.
These X-Fighting Light range is designed for hair tail light jigging in Taiwan, but is well suited for our inshore snapper and travelly. They still have plenty of power if by chance a big Samson or Yellowtail Kings takes your jig.
Comes with Fuji reel seat and Fuji Alconite K guides.

Model Colour Type Length PE Rating Jig Weight Test
XFLJ-60ML Red Spin/Overhead 6’0″ PE 0.8 – 2.0 40-160g 7kg
XFLJ-59M Blue Spin/Overhead 5’9″ PE 1.0 – 2.5 80-200g 9kg