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Jumprize Back Upper 95 II 9'5" PE2-3 Spin

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Back Upper 95 II is a rod that combines a delicate tip that can handle small plugs according. 

Although the recommended drag is 6kg, it is a blank configuration that has enough strength to withstand even if it is set to 90 degrees at MAX 8 kg load.

Easy to handle light casting rod, that has the ability to withstand the fight with large fish well. 

  • Length: 9'5"
  • Rod weight: 325g
  • Lure weight: 20-60g
  • PE: 2-3
  • Leader: 40-70lb
  • Best Drag: 6kg
  • Max drag: 9kg
  • 2pc
  • Guides: SIC ring (40-25-16-12-10-10-10-10)