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Keystone Egisharp V1 3.5 Squid Jigs

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V1 | Standard | 3.5 | 17g

The type V 1 which realizes the action of the needle is designed to fascinate all kinds of Egi, from beginner beginners to advanced experts. It corresponds to aging using the latest light tackle that evolves, realizing shocking subsidence balance and dynamic action. Because the essence as a fishing gear is rooted at the root, it realizes outstanding balance that is highly appreciated by active fishermen and boasts outstanding achievement as a fishing gear. 

The rigid foamed urethane material is packed at high density throughout the body, so the good balance is overwhelming. Because this creates a stable flight balance, it also achieves surprising high-flying distance. It is possible to use it for almighty without choosing the season, and it is a specification that can be used throughout the year.