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Keystone Egisharp V2 Very Fast 3.5

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V2 | Very Fast | 3.5 | 20g

Although it is a high speed settling speed, the balance at the time of tension fall and suspended egi underwater is realized in a different dimension balance from that of other plastic hollow body materials full of market. In addition, this incredible flying distance in this class is obtained, and it is possible to let the action on the left and right dynamic. 

Like the type V 0, the balance made possible by the material called rigid foamed urethane, and it is designed to be unrivaled by others. Although it is a well-known fact, in particular, the balance of this kind of egg is good or bad, and there are many cases where fishing results dramatically differ. 

When used as a fishing gear, among the fishermen, there are also cases where the difference of the fishery becomes 10 times or more despite exactly the same condition of the same place, the same time and the same water depth.