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Keystone Monro V1 Standard 3.5

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Monro 3 V1 | Standard | 3.5 | 19g

It is a shape that the head part is thin and has a strong bulge of buoyancy in the centre to the back of the body, which is not seen in the current Egimarket.

However, there is also the effect of this unique shape, and there are also squid fishing fishermen who understand and master characteristics, Keystone continues to manufacture "Yamakawa type" for fishermen even now.

Monroe Egii Ⅲ and Egi Sharp have different performance and specifications even if they are compared with the same No. 3.5 V1 size.

For Egy Sharp, which each has its own characteristics and refines basic performance, and is active in various conditions, Monroe Egii Ⅲ adopts a way to match the conditions, by approaching the squid different from Egi Sharp Is possible.

By understanding the characteristics and characteristics of each, and selecting according to the conditions to use will lead you to the answer.