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Mangrove Studio BKH836LMG PE6-8

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The 836 LMG provides not only accurate casting but most importantly, distance.

Translated from the Japanese website: "Black Hercules to Low Modulus Graphite Blank - The LMG series is born! A low elasticity LMG model developed to cope with root shift an opponent's power in order to cope with these targets which require high drag.  In the fight with the tuna which is forced to fight for a long time, it preserves the strength of the angler with the support of its torqueful sticky waist and encourages support.  In Hiramasa, making lures fascinating using the elasticity of blanks, avoiding troubles such as root misalignment by allowing them to float quickly at fighting.  A blank that made it exquisite and supple, enabling lure action with a small skill while also absorbing the intense power of the target while absorbing it is the biggest feature of the LMG series.

  • Model: Black Hercules 836 LMG
  • Length: 8'3"
  • PE: #6.0
  • Lure: 150g max
  • Build: 2pc
  • Made in Japan