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MC Works Seven Mile SM777CR Tuna Special Model Line PE5-6

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Short length model which has trial tested since 2009 in search of rods that are suitable for tuna hunting of crowded ship. Since the blank adopts the structure of SM 887 CR, the lure range is wide. It is going to be a short grip rear grip setting which also underhand casts are possible. While fighting as a short rod it is possible to full bend and it is possible to continue hypothesis to tuna. I would like to recommend it especially to anglers who are not confident of physical strength and endurance.

  • Name: Seven Miles 777CR Tuna Special
  • Model: SM777CR
  • Length: 7'7"
  • Line Weight: PE5-PE6
  • Lure Weight: 40g-110g
  • Max Drag: 13kg
  • Guides: FUJI ICMNSG
  • Gimbal: Butt Cap
  • Section: Butt Join
  • Rod Weight: 360g