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Megabass XBLADS Maghold Casting Jig Pencils

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X-140 SW is a hi-responsive new generation minnow that overturns ordinary large-profile with dull swimming. Experience the Megabass’ master craft of jerk baits.

Produces “Hi-pitch rolling action” with lively flicker, stimulating spooky fish. X-140SW’s extremely natural action, Megabass closely pursued, has achieved what the big fish hunters have wanted for many years.

The best value of X-140SW is the unique and quick, dart action when it gets into the gap between currents. Megabass’ unique “Aero Body” with twisted shape gets suitably connected with the moving balancer, producing “Rolling and Dart” with sliding off its track, which triggers feeding bites from the fish hanging out further down in the deep water.

With that all the anglers who got involved in this bait, the “low-altitude, ultra long distance castability” is derived from the two technologies, Megabass’ unique hi-density tungsten and the aero body designed for the best swimming effect. X-140SW exceeds conventional jerk baits in casting ability, allowing you to challenge the Monster at a great distance.

  • Hooks: OWNER ST-46 #2
  • Length: 117mm
  • Weight: 40g
  • Maghold to keep hooks in the prime bite position
  • Sinking