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Mustad Penetrator 2 Hook Snapper Rigs 3pk

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Ready to fish Mustad Penetrator Snapper Rig | Twin Snelled Rig

A special 2-hook bait fishing rig resigned for lighter tackle. The tandem hook arrangement makes strip baits easier and more effective but is also great with other large dead baits such as whole squid.

  • 3 x Twin hook sell rigs

Mustad's superfine, super sharp Penetrator hooks make this rid extra deadly on snapper, mulloway and many other target species.  The penetrator's fine wire profile belies its strength. The sharper a hook, the better it penetrates and the strain is concentrated in the bend, so the hook is less likely to open up. That is the penetrator principal.

Use the penetrator snapper rig with a suitable sinker, or use it unweighted (straylining). Trace length is 1.5m but if you prefer it shorter (e.g for surfcasting) simply cit it at the desired length.

Suggested Rigs:

Strip Baits: Place the bottom hook through the flesh side and out again, about 2/3rd of the way down the bait. Push the top hook through the top end of the bait so that the point comes out on the opposite side. Don't worry if your bait is a bit shorter than the length of trace between the hooks - The rig will still work.

Whole Squid: Place the bottom hook through the head of the squid and the top hook through the tail end, so that the hook points face opposite directions.

Whole Baitfish: Place the bottom hook once right through the lower section of the baitfish and top hook through the eye or nose.

This rig is tied on with Mustad Ultraline Thor 10x abrasion resistant monofilament