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Patriot Design Masterd Bomb Baby 95 Popper

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Little Popper. Big Results.
PD brand are proud to announce the completion of our MASTERED BOMB, an unrivalled lure designed for top water monster fishing, (GTs). The Mastered bomb is raising the benchmark and WILL change the face of top water fishing.
  • Length : 140mm 
  • Weight : 95g 
  • Internal Construction: Wire | SUS | 304 | 1.8mm 
  • Made in Japan
  • No company to date produces such a long bodied lure which can be launched so far yet hit the surface with incredible silence and sleekness.
  • The Mastered bomb produces by far the best response as it “swims” through the water with Monster baiting style. 
  • No other lure is so irresistible for GTs.
  • Rough stormy weather only produces even better performance and results.