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Patriot Design Masterd Bomb Big Cup 90 Poppers

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There is none of the stress anglers experience fighting to get their lures not only to dive in rough conditions but to stay submerged for more than a heartbeat.

Wire sus 304 1.4mm | Length 140mm | Weight 90g

  • The Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP dives superbly and doesn’t rush for the surface, instead lurking in and around the bubbles it created. 
  • It is an irresistible target for any large GT in the vicinity and it will not be ignored.
  • When popping, the MB Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP swallows a lot of air and produces huge bubbles and noises and acts like a parachute under the water. 
  • This allows it to stay very close to the bubbles it creates and is the reason for its very high average hook-up percentage. 
  • Missed bites are few and far between and this is the main Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP signature characteristic.
  • Both the short touch loud popping action and the Long Jerk diving action produce excellent results when using the Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP.