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Redtank Riot 120S 120mm 55g Sinking Natural Wood Stickbait

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RedTank Lures prides itself on quality, handcrafted, saltwater fishing lures with a focus on topwater and stickbaits of various styles. Hallmarks of the RedTank range include a single piece handcrafted wooden body and completely internalized through-wiring.

The seamless timber body and internal wiring allow for a clean neat finish and the option to display the beautiful wood grains of the various hardwoods used to craft them.

  • Built to tackle the toughest of saltwater sports fish
  • Comes equipped with sturdy wiring and a thick glossy epoxy clear coat
  • Length: 120mm 
  • Weight: 35g
  • Action: Sinking
  • Build: Wooden, Through Wire

Support your locals - Made in Perth, Western Australia.