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Ripple Fisher Aquila 74M PE3

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Aquila / Boat Casting Series - Fusion of smooth operability and smooth fight performance with the superb water surface. 

Aquila is a series that supports all boat casting games including bonito, shiira, whole body, and large hiramasa, kihadamagro and bluefin tuna. 
The possibilities of boat casting games continue to spread year after year with the evolution of lures and lines, and targets that were previously considered to be tough have also been able to draw to the water surface. In addition, the target has become larger and the potential required for the rod has become more sophisticated. 
Aquila Basic type 
Three models of the basic type are an almighty model excellent in general purpose performance. It is a lineup that becomes the basis of a boat casting game with a condition that assumes a wide range of targets. 
  • SiC titanium frame K guide specification (Fuji)
  • Length : 7ft 4in
  • Closed Length : 1692mm
  • Weight : 200g
  • Section : 2pcs(Grip Joint)
  • Lure : Comfort Weight 30 - 40g
  • Line : Max PE 3.0
  • Action : Fast
  • Suitable reel size:DAIWA 3500 - 4000 /SHIMANO 4000 - 6000
  • Top Dia : 2mm
  • Butt Dia : 13.5mm