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Ripple Fisher GT77 Flex Rod

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GT rod series for anglers who challenge the limit. 

Since 2017, we integrated the conventional F - STICK series and FINALSPIRIT series, and unified the notation to Ocean Ridge. The integrated Ocean Ridge is a GT rod series packed with ripple pride. The lineup that we kneaded to meet the needs of experts is pursuing the ultimate manual performance that reflects the skill of all anglers. It is not a rod that everyone is easy to handle, but if you choose an angler who is clearly establishing your style, it will surely become part of the body. 

All six models of Ocean Ridge are designed exclusively for GT, which is supposed to target all large GTs. There is no power inscription, carefully selected lineup with individual characteristics. Rods who can be said to be legitimate successors of ripple spirit who adopted "nanoalloy Ⓡ technology" of Toray Industries, Inc. as blanks of all models and brought up with trial and error many times.

In the model where development started with demand from overseas with many small boats, the blank of Short Length & Hard Tip enabled various actions for large poppers and finished in one that you can feel the joy of eating more. Of course, handling with Tomo / small medium-sized ship of domestic ship is also outstanding length, various manual actions such as short dive of middle and large pencil and reelling action etc. are of course possible as well as popper · diving popper. The short length makes it easy to cast the large lure and it is also possible to withstand the fight with high load easily. Rod power is an intermediate setting between Reversal and PowerFight. 

  • Model: GT77 Flex
  • Length: 7'7"
  • Weight: 376g
  • Lure: 200g
  • Line: PE8