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Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge GT79 Final Spirit Nano

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The model that raised lift power while maintaining F-STICK lure operation, lightness, sensitivity.
  • Model: Final Spirit GT 79H Nano
  • Length: 7'9"
  • Line: PE10
  • Lure: 220g
  • Section: 2
  • Type Spinning
  • Weight: 384g
Recommended Angler's weight: 70 kg ~
In order to catch GT comfortably and quickly, it is important to understand the skill of confidence in the angler and the most important thing is the weight of the angler. It is a lift due to its weight shift.
The numerical value is the weight of the angler that we recommend to fully demonstrate the performance of the rod when fighting directly under.
However, even if one with the lighter weight than the recommended Anglers weight is used, weight shift smoothly according to the position and movement of the fish
If you can do it, you can fully demonstrate rod performance.
Please consider as a guide only.