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Ripple Fisher Ultimo 710H PE10

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Ultimo 710 H Nano
The length which considered the best of the handling first realized the flying distance that the handling with the small medium-sized ship is good well and 7ft 10inch and the short image is overturned! We finished with a deep model that we can handle from 80g pencil to diving popper, and a large popper to enjoy with a long stroke. In addition, in the fight, it also responds well to the power fight making the best use of the short length, the stickiness which is also the feature of the Nanomaterial is plus and fight with a sense of security is possible. The exquisite balance that combines casting, operation, and fighting is one that can be said to be an extreme model of Ultimo that can make a straight game against a super-large GT exceeding 50 kg.
  • Perfect for: Dive pencil / small to medium-sized popper / diving popper
  • Recommended anglers weight: >65kg
  • 7’10” | 367g | 2pc
  • Lure: 220g max
  • Line: PE #10
  • Fast action
  • Reel Seat: DPS 20 (Fuji) uplock grip end
  • Reel size guide:  Shimano: 14000-18000 / Daiwa: 5500-6500