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Shimano Rock Hopper Assorted Colours 90g

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The next generation of inchiku-style metal jigs, the Shimano Rock Hopper Sliding Inchiku Jig is engineered to invoke aggressive strikes from predators like Snapper, Blue Cod, John-Dory and Kingfish.

The Rock Hopper jig is unique in that the main body separates from the skirted assist/hook feature to slide down your trace on descent through the water column, thus giving the appearance of a predator giving chase to its prey in a spectacular presentation and in turn sparks drive to strike.
Protective abrasion resistant tubing to reduce wear on leader from sliding part

  • 2x strong, sharp and fluorine coated hooks and enticer squid skirt
  • Available colours: Glow, Glow Zebra, Pink Sardine, Red Gold, Sardine
  • Available weight: 90g, 110g, 135g, 160g and 200g
  • Length: Jig (80mm), Assist hook with skirt (80mm approx)

Assorted colours: Either Red/Gold, Glow, Glow Zebra or Pink Sardine