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Spanyid Raider 85g Chrome Metal Lures

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Raider metal lures are one of the most versatile fishing products ever designed, and are useful for many fishing applications.

Not only do these lures work in all depths of water, but are effective in all aspects of lure use. The range of sizes, match most baitfish profiles. Their weights allow them to be spun, jigged and trolled, even on a downrigger. Their angled design allows for maximum casting, a 'dart and weaving' like action on retrieve. This metal lure brags a brilliant fluttering action on the drop for jigging.

  • Medium / High Speed Lure
  • Distinct angular design for unique spinning and jigging action
  • Indented Lure Design for max tape durability
  • Mustad Hooks
  • Back weighted design for max casting
  • Solid metal body with high quality finish
  • Raider high contrast prism taper baked on to last