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Swivels Original Fish Tape Measure WA

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Fish Measure is a handy ‘take anywhere’ fishing tool designed in consultation with State Fisheries and Primary Industry organisations across Australia.

Fish Measure includes size restrictions of salt or freshwater, crab, cray and fish (no bag limits), as well as diagrams of Fishing Knots, How to Measure Your Catch in each state and also includes identification for common fish species plus much more.

With it’s portable size, you’ll never be left wondering again. Fish Measure is nylon coated for maximum protection against saltwater. For further protection, keep dry and away from sand and lubricate with WD40 or Inox.

So add an extra to the shopping cart and put one in your tacklebox, car and/or boat. Better yet, grab one for your mate just to show him/her how much of a legend you are.

For more information regarding Size and Bag Limits in Western Australia visit To report illegal fishing call FishWatch on 1800 815 507.