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The Dhu Bag

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The Dhu Bag is a 1.2m (4’) long, insulated heavy duty portable and flexible cooler,  designed to keep the days catch fresh and cold.  

The Dhu Bag is made with  840D of thermoplastic polyurethane inside/outside and designed to be easily packed up and stored when not in use. The bag also includes waterproof/leakproof zip as well as a easy access draining port at the base of the bag.
Dhu art by the amazing  @saltybonesgyotaku 





Light grey, 840D TPU

Insulation: 20mm

Product Care

When putting fish in or out always go head first. Hand in the Gills and lift in or out. The inside material is extremely strong but fish spines are extremely sharp!

Wash with detergent + water and air out to dry.