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Yamaga Blanks Blue Current 78M II 2pc PE0.3-0.6 Spin

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We present the ultimate power rod for those monster hunters out there targeting 30cm over Aji and Mebaru.

It is an unorthodox light rod with the conflicting characteristics of fineness and power. You will not only be able to control the power of this rod, but also enjoy the traits of the light game. Similar to the 72C, the balance of the rod is also ideal for the top-water bream fishing.

  • Collapsed size: 2340mm
  • Joint: Put Over Ferule
  • Guide: SiC Stainless frame K Guide(Fuji)
  • Reel Seat: IPS16(Fuji)
  • Suitable spinning reel size: DAIWA around #2000 / SHIMANO around #2500
Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon
2340mm 83g 2pcs Plug 2~7g / Sinker 1.8~10.5g PE0.3~0.6 93%