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Yamaga Blanks Triceptor 68-MS 25lb 3pc Travel Rod

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The “Triceptor” have been designed 3 pieces rod for expedition travel purposes on overseas trips.

The Triceptor will help you catch monstrous fish overseas, thanks to blanks which have been built with toughness and durability even though it has high portability being a 3 piece. 

65ML and 68M have wide range of lure capacity to adjust various situations and targets while you are on expedition. Which means that you can enjoy even small target and of course you can aim target bigger than you have expected.

We believe that Triceptor is going to be your main rod when you fish in the bushy jungle, sub rod for big game fishing off the boat, or all-round rod for fun fishing off the kayak. You will be satisfied that both lightness and toughness hidden in 3 pieces of blanks.

Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon
2035mm / Closed Length 715mm Spinning model 127g / Overhead model 130g 3pcs MAX 35g MAX 25lb 98%