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Maph Rechargeable UV Torch

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Save hundreds of dollars over its lifetime by not having to buy new batteries. This torch is bright and shows hidden patterns on money and passports.

Perfect for glowing up your lures, jigs or squid jigs. These torches are designed to be robust. Small enough to fit in your pocket yet intense enough so you can feel the heat on your skin. They come with a black glass lens to filter out unnecessary light that is too bright.

These are extremely bright when you put them on something fluorescent. Use with care and do not look into the light.


  • 365nm UV light
  • Adjustable light intensity and modes (hold the power button down)
  • 800mah built in battery
  • Micro USB rechargeable (5v 1amp)
  • 11.5cm x 24cm
  • Aluminium construction
  • Rainproof
  • Black glass front