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Mapheox 1.2m flat Kill Bag

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  • One of our first and popular 1.2m kill bags designed for short trips.

    A must have if you need to transport your catch from your fishing spot to your vehicle and then home. These bags will not leak at the bottom and have been tested to carry up to 25kg without any issues. The datasheets show it can hold up to 40kg.

    Insulated with closed cell foam, these bags can keep your catch chilled for up to 3 days. This has been tested locally in WA during summer.

    Like all insulated only products, a standard 5kg bag of ice only holds for 24 to 30 hours. Salted Ice will last longer.


    • 840D TPU
    • 10mm Closed Cell Insulation
    • 120cm x 42cm