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34 Thirty Four Driver Head Aji Micro Jig Heads

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The shape of the lead was inspired by the stream head and the lead surface area was designed to maximize the water resistance. 

By doing this, the pull resistance is increased and it is easy to manipulate the lightweight jig head. This resistance also contributes to making it easier to feel the sitting bite during a tension fall. 

The feature that you can see immediately is, that in the case of a normal jig head, the shank comes out straight from lead, but this jig head is immediately raised upward. So, the set of worms is also a little ingenious, and if it is set to pull it out diagonally, it will be possible to penetrate straight through. As a result, a hook-shaped jig head was born that was difficult to exhale so that it could be hooked firmly even if a reverse bite or suction bite.

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