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34 Thirty Four Zerogra Head Aji Mirco Jig Heads

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The resin coating makes it easy to feel the presence of the jig head by increasing the volume, making it easy for anyone to handle a lightweight jig heads

The use of lightweight jig heads is essential in today's aji scene where the Aji Plankton pattern is common. However, many people said that they are not good with lightweight jig heads, and it was the current situation that was causing many to feel that depth keeping was extremely difficult. The "Zerogra head" was developed to solve such problems. 

  • Zerogra head enables ultra-slow fall by applying resin coating to lead. 
  • Range keeping is possible only by putting on light tension. 
Weight Grams Qty
0.9g 3
1.1g 3
1.3g 3