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ASS SUS Ling Solid Rings

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Translated from the Japanese website: "The SUS ring did not pursue only strength as top priority. It is self-confident ASS's work which sticks to "weight reduction" and "inner polishing" of the ring body, plus the strength there. Light weight reduction has little influence on movement of metal jig and smooth polishing of inner polishing reduces the tie of the leader tend to become thinner. On the other hand, since the breaking strength value is 55 to 70 kg, there are also disadvantages to a brute fight game scene. Please enjoy the jigging game with the target with the interaction."

Ring Size # Barcode Specs Qty Per Pack
3 4580349303032 Outer 5.3mm 20
4 4580349303049 Outer 6.0mm 20
5 4580349303056 Outer 7.0mm 20