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Cranka Crab Heavy 50mm

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The CRANKA Crab is a unique, ‘World First’ Crab lure design that incorporates more than 10 years of solid research, design and development into bringing this product to the market.

The CRANKA Crab, (Treble Hook Model 50mm HEAVY) is 5.9 grams in weight and is a unique Hard/Soft Hybrid Crab lure design. This model measures 50mm across its soft legs and 18mm across its hard shell. This lure WON the converted ‘Best New Hard Lure’ award at the Australian Fishing Tackle Association (AFTA) trade show on its debut market launch.  Since it’s market release, the CRANKA Crab has accumulated many angling tournament wins to its name… including a World Hobie Kayak Championship title, an Australian Bream Tournament (ABT) Championship, many Australian Bream Tournament Event wins, and countless other angling tournament victories. 

  • 50mm Across the Legs.
  • 18mm Shell Width.
  • Weighs 5.9 Grams.
  • Fit with highest Quality #14 DECOY Y-S25 Treble Hooks.
  • Faster Crab sink rate for deeper water.
  • Floating Claws Mimicking a Real Defensive Crab.
  • Snag resistant floating hook design.
  • Solid through wire connection.
  • Fishable Depth 0 – 30m.
  • 11 Very Realistic Natural Crab Colours.