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ATD DRAG Daiwa’s Automatic Tournament Drag uses an improved drag grease that exhibits a low viscosity at rest, yet becomes more viscous immediately after drag start up. This reduces initial drag start-up inertia and combined with the structural changes of the ATD Drag System results in a smoother drag from the initial hook up.

LEVER DRAG A lever control system that allows drag pressure to be easily applied by pushing the lever forward. Allows for increased pressure to applied, and is ideal for jigging and deep water angling.

MACHINE CUT ALLOY BODY Lightweight and incredibly strong, Machine Cut Alloy provides body strength and reduced weight to be achieved without the cost and corrosion issues of other metals.

STAINLESS STEEL GEARING Harder & stronger than any other material, Stainless Steel significantly increases gear longevity. Unmatched against corrosion, Stainless Steel gears will help fight against pitting and premature wear which can lead to increased feedback.

LD10H 6.3 445g 6 CRBB; 1RB 12kg 20lb-330m 12/270, 14/220 Soft Touch 26194 $599.00