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Fisherman's Eye GoPro Fishing Line Underwater Mount

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The Fisherman’s Eye fishing line camera mount is a simple, yet effective and affordable way of getting your waterproof  GoPro Action Camera down to your favourite fishing sites to better understand the structure that makes up these grounds and the species of marine life that inhabit these areas.

  • Fishing line camera mount
  • Perfect for exploring new ground
  • Helps any Fisherman better understand and read their Echo Sounder / Fish Finder
  • GoPro compatible
  • Learn more about fish behaviour
  • Tie off point - allows you to adjust the camera up and down the line
  • Adjustable - Allows the camera to be positioned at different angles
  • Unique high-density EPS float helps the camera to maintain its buoyancy while filming to achieve the best possible underwater footage
  • Use the cameras Bluetooth connectivity option to view your underwater footage within minutes
  • Instructions inside - you will find more detailed instructions on how to use your Fisherman's Eye inside its packaging